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142878095Stephen J. PyneVoyager: Exploration, Space, and the Third Great Age of Discovery2017EPUB11/15/2018 10:14:45 AMstirkout
142822581Louis-Auguste BlanquiEternity by the Stars: An Astronomical Hypothesis2013pdf11/14/2018 12:15:45 PMeternal
142816637Low-Frequency Waves in Space PlasmasLow-Frequency Waves in Space Plasmas2017pdf11/14/2018 7:22:41 AMtopron
142796462David A. KingIslamic Mathematical Astronomy2013PDF11/14/2018 1:31:55 AMGustavi
1427820127Derek F. LawdenAn Introduction to Tensor Calculus, Relativity and Cosmology (3rd Edition)2017EPUB, MOBI, PDF11/13/2018 8:40:12 PMeternal
1426805156Jon WillisAll These Worlds Are Yours: The Scientific Search for Alien Life2017EPUB11/12/2018 6:55:31 AMtopron
142647162Timothy F. Slater, Coty B. TatgeResearch on Teaching Astronomy in the Planetarium2017PDF11/11/2018 6:56:59 PMpetra19
1426258111Gerald NorthObserving the Solar System2012AZW311/11/2018 3:51:17 PMgestalt
142464865F. Duccio MacchettoThe Impact of HST on European Astronomy2017PDF11/9/2018 9:02:39 PMstirkout
1424624146H. A. ReyThe Stars: A New Way to See Them2017Djvu11/9/2018 8:43:50 PMstirkout
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