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142628522Brian A. Catlos, Sharon KinoshitaCan We Talk Mediterranean?: Conversations on an Emerging Field in Medieval and Early Modern Studies2017PDF11/11/2018 4:04:51 PMpetra19
142545023Aarti Smith MadanLines of Geography in Latin American Narrative: National Territory, National Literature2017PDF11/10/2018 8:29:42 PMpetra19
142195044Giovanni Randazzo, Derek W.T. Jackson, J. Andrew G. CooperSand and Gravel Spits (Coastal Research Library)2015pdf11/8/2018 12:30:14 AM007x
141654156Will WrightWild Knowledge: Science, Language, and Social Life in a Fragile Environment1992pdf10/29/2018 3:31:11 AM007x
1409789301Stephen Reynolds, Robert V. RohliExploring Physical Geography2013PDF10/19/2018 1:06:47 AMGustavi
140601542Rovshan AbbasovCommunity-Based Disaster Risk Management in Azerbaijan (SpringerBriefs in Geography)2017pdf10/12/2018 11:05:28 AMtvladb77
1403209181Ian Heywood, Sarah Cornelius, Steve CarverAn Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (4th Edition)2012pdf10/8/2018 9:38:21 AMeternal
1398465113Sarah Fleming IvesSteeped in Heritage: The Racial Politics of South African Rooibos Tea2017PDF 9/28/2018 4:48:37 PMalex21s
139837478Charles MusselwhiteGeographies of Transport and Ageing2018-06-19pdf9/28/2018 8:19:04 AMtvladb77
1397402149Harry WalkerUnder a Watchful Eye: Self, Power, and Intimacy in Amazonia2012PDF 9/25/2018 2:30:47 PMalex21s
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